Pathfinder compatible material

Whether it's a new monster, a crafty new spell, some NPCs for tonight's game, or just some seed ideas for an upcoming campaign, if you're looking for new material for your Pathfinder game, you're in the right place.


This is going to be our feat page, the place where we discuss feats, develop feats, share feats, make fun of feats, and otherwise tackle all things feat-related. Yay! Feats!

All in all, if you're looking for a feat for your character, this is probably the third place you should look, after checking out Paizo's PRD (all the official Pathfinder feats are listed here) and the D20pfsrd's longer list of Feats (which includes all of those wonderful third party feats you love). Mind you, if you don't find what you're looking for in either of those locations, you absolutely should come here and poke around. But don't do it right away. The site is still in development and as a result, we don't have a lot of content up yet.

But come back. When you do, we hope to have more feats!


Our first project, The Celestial Host, is a project all about gods and heroes, so there's a very good chance you'll find a few of those added here, once that project is complete. Ultimately, what we choose to share will be up (in part) to our Campers, although we do reserve the right to share the absolutely coolest bits! (Not that we think the Campers would mind much).

While this page is lacking some, it will be filling up in the coming weeks and months, which means you should definitely check back and see what gods we've included on the site (hint, if I have my way, Morrígan will be one of them).

Things we plan to include about the various gods include: their domains, their servants, special domain related powers, unique items and artifacts, holy sites, and more. So, keep checking back!



This page is going to include heroes we've developed as part of our projects, with each hero listed by their class, race, level, and point-buy costs (if applicable). For most of you, this page will be a repository of these heroes. All you'll need to do is find the hero you want, click on them, and download the associated PDF!

Some of these heroes will include:

  • Ynghild, Lady of the Shield (female human barbarian 6)
  • Möngke, Horse Lord (male human cavalier 3)
  • Akio, The Bright Death (male half-elven ninja 11)
  • Eoghan Threefingers (male halfling rogue 1)
  • Jasminna (female elven bard 4)
  • Fiona Shieldrender (female dwarven fighter 5)
  • Alexander Vladislav (male human witch 7)


Let's just be honest. If there's anything a GM loves, it's a new or unique monster he or she can toss at their players on game night. There's just something about knowing that the foes your characters are about to square off against might be their last. Now, don't get us wrong — we're not running around on the sadist train here, hoping for a TPK every time a new monster steps onto the field, but we do hope they deliver the pain when they do show. Because no one really wants warm milk monsters (except kittens, kittens love warm milk monsters).

Anyways, we're all about powerful, scary, and challenging monsters, the type that players don't soon forget. That doesn't mean we'll be sharing all of our monsters here, but you can safely bet we will most certainly be sharing some of them! So, maybe you've never run a whisper ghoul against your players! Or maybe you really, really want a CR 25 fire giant that tells your players you're not kidding (Ben actually made one of those, too. Man, that dude is scary).

Anyways, this is going to be where we park our monsters. So, come back and check in on them!


Welcome to the RPG Design Camp NPC page!

If you guessed this was going to be a page we parked a multitude of NPCs on, you are correct! Unlike our the heroes page, this page is dedicated to unique individuals filling all too common roles in a campaign setting. Here, you'll find devious bakers, shady bankers, honest guardsmen, ruthless dockworkers, and other individuals who might become a thorn in the PCs' sides, or who might otherwise provide new and interesting challenges (or even quests). Each of the NPCs we will list will include a unique boon, a secret, a general idea of their availability, and any useful items they might be able to provide the party.

Expect to see NPCs like the following:

  • Kieff the Dockhand (male human expert 3)
  • Shawna Rose (female elven expert 4)
  • Garron the Ghost, City Scout (male halfling expert 5)
  • Telvynn Firewalker (male tiefling expert 4)
  • Boenn Heimrich, City Planner (male half-elven expert 3)
  • Ashleighanna the Snake Charmer (female half-elven adept 6)
  • Kayti Sardona, Mistress of the Seven Blades (female human expert 3/warrior 6)
  • Davin Bellward, Keeper of the Darwood Inn (male half-orc expert 5)
  • Verrick Scourgefire (male dwarven warrior 4)
  • Yuna Xoi, Professional Scout (female human expert 3)


Arcane Spells

While writing The Celestial Host, we designed new spells. Most of the spells we develop inside a project stay right there, although we may elect to share some, as well. As we do, we'll expand all three of these sections. At launch, however, we only have a single divine spell we're sharing (see below).

Divine Spells

You can't really develop two full celestial pantheons of gods and not expect to get some awesome divine spells, and our second round of pitches delivered a mound of awesome choices to select from. While I liked quite a few of the spells submitted, this was my favorite.

Mein of the Green Knight
Evocation Level druid 6, ranger 5, shaman 6; Elemental School earth 5
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S, M (a sprig of holly harvested with a silver sickle)
Range Touch
Duration 5 minutes/level
Saving Throw Will negates (harmless); Spell Resistance yes

When cast, this spell envelopes a single suit of donned armor in a mantle of soft, natural vegetation that matches the surrounding environment. In forests, for instance, the armor sprouts tiny leaves, bits of moss, and so on.

While the mein of the green knight is active, the target gains a natural understanding of nature, gaining a +2 insight bonus to Knowledge (nature) and Survival skill checks. Additionally, the wearer gains the ability to see through thick plant matter as if it were transparent (as if he possessed greensight), as well as a natural resistance to the magic of the fey (as if he possessed the druidic ability resist nature's lure). This natural resistance extends to charms and compulsions, but is halved (providing only a +2 bonus).

Finally, the mein of the green knight offers a special benefit to the wearer. Provided the green knight is standing in water and fully exposed to the sun (substitute spells like daylight work, as well), he gains fast healing 3. Additionally, while this is ability is active, the wearer gains a +2 sacred bonus to saves against disease, poison, and necromantic effects. Activating this ability instantly reduces the remaining duration of the spell to a number of rounds per level, as the vegetation is drained of its vitality to heal the wearer.

Psychic Spells

Here are some of the psychic spells we've developed.


Aspect Traits

Here are some of the Aspect traits we've developed for Bloodlines & Black Magic. If you're curious about aspect traits or Bloodlines & Black Magic, head on over to Storm Bunny Studios and learn more about both!

Combat Traits

Here are some of the combat traits we've developed for The Celestial Host.

Social Traits

Here are some of the social traits we designed for The Celestial Host.

Magical Traits

Here are some of the magic traits we designed for The Celestial Host.

Religion Traits

Here are some of the religion traits we designed for The Celestial Host.