Why Design Camp? Why now?

Everyone involved in Design Camp worked their way into the industry through Wolfgang Baur's Open Design and all of us know the value of that kind of collaborative space. For most of us, Open Design was a thing of beauty, a place we hoped would continue to expand. But like all good things, it came to an end. For several years, there was a gap that those originally involved in Open Design felt. So for us, launching Design Camp this year was a nostalgic nod to the place where we learned how to pitch adventures, design grim monsters, or scribe new spells for our own, unique worlds.

So, why now? The time was right. All of us were in the process of wrapping up big projects on personal fronts and collectively wanted to get back to some old school design. After nearly a year of discussion, Ben, Brian, and I decided to launch Design Camp!

Three designers. A whole bunch of guests!

With each project we launch, we plan to bring some of our favorite people from the industry and let them share their secrets, wisdom, and ideas directly with you.

For our first project, we brought Brian Berg, Savannah Broadway, Adam Daigle, Jim Groves, and Nic Logue to speak with campers. Additionally, Ben McFarland, Jaye Sonia, and Brian Suskind spent countless hours answering additional questions!

It's been a great experience for all of us!

Funded on Kickstarter!

Design Camp was made possible by the excellent humans who backed our first Kickstarter, The Celestial Host!