So, what is Design Camp, exactly?

Design Camp is a fourteen-week, patron-driven, immersive RPG design course focused on a particular topic or project. Each season, we select a new project and corresponding product, which the team all collaborates on over the length of the course. Once complete (normally taking a year from start to finish), Storm Bunny Studios produces and publishes the project for the patrons.

Each project is patron-focused and designed; our course is aimed to help aspiring writers, designers, and developers get the best out of their time, whether they’re creating new content to be published or just adding those special touches to their home game. Drawing on over thirty years of collective design experience, the team behind Design Camp will show Campers how a project comes together from start to finish, allowing them to comment and be involved from day one! Along the way, Design Camp will throw open the vault doors, sharing our best tools with participants. Whether that’s crafting better magic items, plots, characters, or developing and writing stronger pitches – we’ll be here to help.

Finally, each season Design Camp brings other industry professionals in to talk with campers, aiming to ensure they get a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

An image of a man holding a pencil and standing on a 20-sided die.
A caricature of Ben McFarland, everyone’s favorite game designer.