Design Camp encourages patrons to work together, to share ideas, and to focus on growing their collective, collaborative environments. We believe in sharing our ideas, teaming up, and building new worlds together.

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Design Camp loves form, but it knows the vital importance of function, as well. With that in mind, we look for innovative and fun ways to make mechanics work in new and unique ways. We don't believe in re-inventing the wheel. We believe in making it better.

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Ideas and dreams don't just spring into being. They require work. Design Camp believes that RPG is a skill like any other, and with time and dedication (and lots of hard work), anyone can learn to design, evaluate, and create their own RPG material.

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What is Design Camp?

Simply put, RPG Design Camp (we call it Design Camp for short) is a patron driven and supported collaboritive design space. It's a place for industry professionals, freelancers, hobbyists, and aspiring game designers to converge, gather their thoughts, and launch projects they have long sought to see in print — or at least at their individual game tables. Design Camp is a place for all of us to collaborate, to pitch ideas, and when those ideas collasce into something formidable, to see those ideas fully developed — from concept to manuscript, and Patron-willing, to print.

So, who's behind RPG Design Camp?

Ben McFarland — A multi ENnie award winning designer, Ben cut his teeth on Open Design and has since gone on to design material for Paizo Publishing, Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, Rite Publishing, Atlas Games, Storm Bunny Studios, and many others. Ben has worked on three Kickstarter projects for Kobold Press-- Deep Magic (2014 Judge's Choice Ennie), Midgard Tales, and Southlands (2016 Silver Ennie for Best Setting). He's worked with backers and led patron-style projects for Kobold Press and Rite Publishing since 2008; his pre-KS crowdfunded project for Kobold Press, Streets of Zobeck, won the 2012 Gold Ennie for Best Adventure. His patron project for Rite Publishing, Breaking of Forstor Nagar, can be found in print, PDF, and on multiple VTT platforms.

Jaye Sonia — ENnie nominated game designer and founder of Storm Bunny Studios, Jaye Sonia has written for Kobold Press, Kobold Quarterly, Bazaar Magazine, Open Gaming Monthly and Total Party Kill Games. Jaye also contributed to several early crowdfunded projects at Kobold Press, including Empire of the Ghouls and Six Arabian Nights.

Brian Suskind — A professional screenwriter and an ENnie award winner in his own right, Brian emerged out of the Open Design world to write multiple adventures and setting material for Kobold Press, Zombie Sky Press and Storm Bunny Studios. He worked on several crowdfunded projects for Kobold Press, including Journeys to the West, Midgard Legends, Advanced Races Compendium, Midgard Tales, and, most recently, was the co-lead writer on the Ennie-award winning Southlands.


Funded on Kickstarter!

Design Camp was made possible by the excellent humans who backed our first Kickstarter, The Celestial Host!